New Brunswick’s Destination Brand

Unveiled in 2020, New Brunswick’s Destination Brand highlights the ethos of our people, our place, and our values to deliver a compelling and consistent brand story from promise to delivery. Developed through a rigorous process combining market research, industry consultation and competitive review, the new destination brand weaves a strong and consistent identity across all tourism efforts, from marketing campaigns to product innovation to regional development. It tells a story that only we can tell, in a way that’s both authentic to New Brunswick, appealing to our target visitors, and ownable in the market – three critical pillars of success.

The development of a solid brand is foundational to the success of our province as a tourism destination – but we can’t do it alone. The Brand Playbook and resources below are designed to help our industry partners join us in building and strengthening New Brunswick’s destination brand identity across all efforts, all markets, and all experiences.

We invite you to view the video below to discover New Brunswick’s Destination Brand.

“It’s our welcoming nature.”


New Brunswick is the antidote to overcrowded, overproduced vacations. It’s a place where people haven’t forgotten the importance of the simple things in life. Where discoveries are real and experiences aren’t made out of plastic. It’s where you’ll find the time to slow down, the space to breathe and take it all in, and the energy to make transformational connections… with nature, with our locals, and with each other.

Brand Persona: THE HOST

New Brunswick is the ultimate host, and no matter where our guests started or why they came, we’ll make sure they take a piece of New Brunswick with them. Those good memories will tide them over until they return.


In New Brunswick you will find people who follow their traditions, treasure their families, and remain unapologetically true to themselves. We believe in authenticity, kindness, adventurousness, and joie de vivre.


A visit to New Brunswick is filled with genuine, kind people from diverse cultures; approachable experiences, both urban and natural; and unfiltered nature – from mountains, to rivers, to sea.


Brand Playbook

This guide is your resource for all aspects of the Tourism New Brunswick brand.

NB Brand Playbook

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Contact Us:

For questions regarding the Tourism New Brunswick destination brand, please contact Trena LaPointe, Manager of Explore NB Brand & Programming: | 1-506-461-1612

For questions regarding the Brand Playbook or brand resources, please contact Sylvain Pitre, Brand Coordinator: | 1-506-230-2376

For image and video bank needs, please contact Elana Kelly, Digital Assets Officer: | 1-506-230-3137