Changes coming to

A new website

We’re getting ready to launch an entirely new tourism website designed to meet the needs of potential travellers and our tourism industry.   Some highlights of this new website include:

  • A fresh look and feel that matches our new ExploreNB branding.  
  • A completely rebuilt product listings system that is easier for businesses and tourism partners to update, and ensures greater visibility across our website.  
  • A future-proof design using updated technology that will allow us greater flexibility as we move forward together.

Temporary website unavailability

To complete our upgrade, we’ll be taking a majority of the website offline for a short time.  

Starting the week of May 25, large sections of will be unavailable.  

This includes some information pages and all product pages. This downtime is required to transfer information to our new website that will launch in the coming weeks.

What is still available?

During the transition, all traffic to will see a single landing page explaining that a new website is about to be launched. It will feature some of the new designs, and direct visitors to the NB Always campaign website at  

The Tourism Industry Information website will remain here at  

All our social channels and blog continue to operate.

What happens next?

Businesses don’t need to take any action. Any current product listing will be migrated to the new website.  

In the coming weeks we will release more information on how to use the features of the new website, and will announce the launch of the new site via this website, and our social channels.

More information

The latest updates for programs and tools are available here on the Industry Information website at:  

If you have any questions, please email us at and our digital production team will get back to you.  

As we receive questions, we will add a Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section to this page to ensure we share the answers with everyone.