Content Creation Partnership

This partnership program is focused on developing specific digital assets (blog posts, photography, videography) for tourism operators and DMOs/RTAs that can be jointly used by Tourism New Brunswick on provincial campaigns, where appropriate.

Under this program, the tourism operator or DMO/RTA is required to manage the content creation process, with creative direction from Tourism New Brunswick staff that is informed by market research. The content is expected to align with the Tourism New Brunswick brand and is intended to be used primarily on social media efforts (both organic and paid) as well as on websites. The Content Creation Partnership can be accessed along with the Website Development Partnership to ensure any new or improved websites are using the best possible photography and videography.

The investment by a tourism operator or DMO/RTA is $2,500, which would be matched by Tourism New Brunswick. Upon request, Tourism New Brunswick can provide a list of recommended service providers who are well-versed in the provincial tourism brand.

Funding for this program is limited.

DMOs/RTAs/sector associations can apply here.

Individual operators can apply here.