Setting up your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing – Just the Basics

*Note: Google will soon be renaming “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile”. We are making the change across all our materials. More details can be found on this external site.

Start by claiming and verifying your company’s Google business listing. If you are comfortable and successful with this process then take it further by optimizing the listing.

Let’s get started!

1. Claiming your business

Heads up about scammers
Remember that Google will never call you about your Google Business Profile listing.
Unfortunately, there is a scam that involves people posing as Google or working with Google who offer to either boost your ranking for a fee or threaten to remove your listing if you don’t pay a fee. Just hang up – Google Business Profile is a free service.
There are indeed legitimate businesses that assist owners in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a fee, but they typically do not use high-pressure cold-calling tactics.

Find your Google Business Profile using GBP homepage or Maps

Method 1 – Google Business Profile site

Go to the Google Business Profile home page and log in with a google account

GMB homepage (not logged in)

If you have a Gmail account associated with your business then sign in with that, or create a new Google account. A word of caution here: some of you may be already logged into your browser with a personal account, so make sure you don’t continue the process with your personal account.

When you click on Sign In you have the option to create a Google account. You do not have to create a Gmail account, you can create an account with your current business e-mail.

Creating a Google account with your business e-mail

Note: We have recently witnessed this interesting shortcut – if your e-mail address is the same domain as your website you may get fast-tracked directly to the Google Business Profile dashboard, totally bypassing the verification process. For example if your business’ web address is and your e-mail address is you may see this in action.

I mention it because later in this guide we will talk about the verification screen and options, something that you will not see at all if the fast-track feature affects you.

Once you are logged in, the next screen asks you to search using your business name. Chances are that it will show up in an autocomplete drop-down box. If so, select it. Remember that the results are for businesses worldwide so make sure you select the correct one!

On the next screen, standard information (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) will likely have the fields already populated with your information. Simply proceed until you get to the Verification screen.

Method 2 – Google Maps

Alternatively, you can use Maps to find your business. Either search for your business name and location, or zoom in on your location on the maps, click on the pin or label for your business. You should see a  “Claim this business” option. Clicking on it will take you to the Google Business Profile site. Proceed as we mentioned earlier until you get to the Verification screen.

How to claim your business from Maps

There are three possibilities when attempt to claim your business
1. Found and unclaimed
2. Found and already claimed: in Maps the “Claim this business” option does not appear. In this case you need to Request Access to the Google Business Profile Listing – follow instructions from Google (watch video)
3. Business not found: more rare but relevant to new businesses, those that have changed names, or businesses that did not have a website with their business location or contact information. In this case head over to the GBP home page, log in with a Google account related to your business (or create one), enter the name of your business and select “Create a business with this name”. In this case, the next screen will not have the fields pre-populated with your business information. Enter the details it requires until you get to the Verification screen.

Create a new Google business listing

2. Getting verified

Claiming is the first step, but then Google needs to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the business. You will get to a screen that offers you a choice of verification methods. The options offered to you depend on what Google has collected about your business on the internet or by user suggestions. The postcard option is the default method which always appears.

Verification screen example

If you are fortunate to have the e-mail, call, or text options, they are by far the fastest way to get verified, typically with 5 minutes of clicking the button. So if you select Phone be ready for a call right away. If you miss it you have the option to send again. The most popular method is the postcard which takes up to 12 days to arrive at the stated business address.

Getting the code/card

Once you receive the card (example below) or you get the verification code (typically a six digit number) you enter it at the website mentioned or return to the Google Business Profile page and log in with the same Google Business account.

GMB verification postcard example

You will then have access to the Google Business Profile Dashboard for your business. Bravo! You now control your business’ information on Google!

3. The GBP Dashboard

Once you have claimed your business and gotten verified, you then have access to the Google Business Profile Dashboard. It is from here that you control the information about your business.

Making the menu appear

Note: Depending on your browser, the left menu may be hidden. You have to click on the hamburger icon to make it appear and have access to the different tabs.

Home page
The content in the Dashboard Home page that we see here is very good at guiding you in the steps you need to take for Google to “like” your GBP listing, which can directly affect ranking in Google Search results. Look over the content of the Home page, then explore all the tabs to see what’s there.

Info tab
You should start with the Info tab first since it contains all the basic information about your business.
[more details about the fields in the Info tab from Google – scroll down to the “Types of edits” section]

That’s it. I hope you were successful.

If you had problems, want to get more details, or wish to delve a little deeper into Google Business Profile, check out the Detailed Guide.