Market Readiness Criteria

Market-Readiness Criteria are developed by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture (THC) to determine if a product is ready for visitation by the consumer. They are used in development of experiences, listings on the Tourism New Brunswick website, and highway signage.
All products and experiences must meet the appropriate criteria to receive exposure in any of the departments marketing initiatives.

Basic Criteria


To be considered market ready, the following criteria must be met. Market ready organizations can then be eligible to participate in THC marketing and sales programs.

  • The organization must comply with all government and/ municipal by-laws and laws.
  • The organization has legal public access to site(s)
  • The organization has consistent hours of operation that are easily found on-site and digitally
  • The organization has an e-mail address and telephone number that is monitored year-round.
  • Must have suitable on-premise signs (interpretive and directional).
  • Must be open to the public.
  • Must provide on-site parking or be located close to properly-appointed parking areas that are accessible and visible from the site.

Online Presence

An organization’s online presence is almost as important as the physical presence. First impressions are formed based on first point of contact, which in many cases is online. Organizations are encouraged to have a dynamic online presence and respond promptly to guests on social media.

  • The organization’s website is current.
  • Social media presence is current on at least one platform.
  • The organization has claimed its Google listing, owns its TripAdvisor page and are responding to reviews.
  • The physical requirements and limitations for guests are clearly stated.
  • The website clearly states what guests should expect, washrooms, food, water, shelter, activity, clothing and or equipment required.
  • Waivers can be viewed in advance online (if applicable).

Food & Beverage Services

If food and beverage is provided by the organization:

  • Staff handling food have received safe food handling certification training.
  • Sourcing local products is highly encouraged
  • Portions are appropriate for activity type, duration, and intensity
  • Has appropriate liquor license (If applicable)

Adventure Activity Specific Market Ready Standards, Culture, Products / Experiences, Beaches, Food & Beverage, Roadside Attractions etc: