Social Media Toolkit

Tourism New Brunswick developed a Social Media Toolkit that provides basic social media knowledge, skills and tools to tourism operators within the province to help them through 2021 and beyond.

Below you’ll find links to individual PDFs meant to answer a specific question or cover a specific social media platform. These documents will be updated on a rolling basis, so don’t hesitate to check back for the most recent version as things change.

Section 1: Why Social Media?
Section 2: Choosing the best platforms for you and knowing your target audience
Section 3: How to use Facebook
Section 4: How to use Instagram
Section 5: How to use Youtube
Section 6: How to use Twitter
Section 7: How to use Pinterest
Section 8: How to use Linkedin
Section 9: How to use Tik Tok
Section 10: How to use Snapchat
Section 11: How Tourism New Brunswick Uses Social Media
Section 12: Making the most of monitoring and measurement