Website Development Partnership

Websites are often a tourism operator’s or destination’s single most important marketing asset. Tourism New Brunswick is offering a partnership opportunity to create new or improved websites for New Brunswick tourism operators, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Regional Tourism Associations (RTAs), sector associations and Communities of Interest.

Tourism New Brunswick will pay 75 percent of the cost, up to $7,500 for the development of a new or improved website. Participants in the program can exceed the overall $10,000 budget but Tourism New Brunswick’s contribution is capped at $7,500.

Upon request, Tourism New Brunswick can provide a list of service providers that are qualified to undertake these types of projects.

If photography or videography is required for the new or improved website, this program can be used in collaboration with the Content Creation program.

Funding for this program is limited.

DMOs/RTAs/sector associations can apply here.

Individual tourism operators can apply here.